Tactic Ideas for FM22 - Inspiration

In today's article, we talk about FM22 Tactics or more specifically, our ideas for tactics. We're going to talk about the best formations, the 4231 and our idea of how to create the best lower league tactic. 

1. Gritty Lower League Tactic

The infamous Lower Leagues, a place where many Football Managers choose to begin the careers, a place where one wrong tactical decision can result in a failed campaign. 

The perfect Lower League Tactic for FM22 is going to focus on your squad's strengths, so you will need to take the time to analyse your players and then build a tactic around them. You'll most likely want to focus on creating a fast, counter-attacking strategy as it will be unlikely you'll have the technical attributes required for intricate tactical setups.

Best Formations

You should aim to build a lower league tactic around a standard 442 or 443 and then tweak according to player roles or Data Hub analysis.

Don't be afraid to use default tactics and expand on them.

Player analysis in the FM22 Data Hub
What player analysis looks like in the new FM22 Data Hub Feature.

2. The Pep Guardiola

Everyone who watches a Pep Guardiola side play want to re-create his tactic in Football Manager. It's the beautiful game portrayed in the most beautiful fashion.

The key to this tactical style is having the correct technical player profile in your team. You'll be wanting to ensure you have players with excellent technical attributes such as passing, crossing and technique but also excellent mental attributes such as vision, composure and decision making. 

The way you will setup can vary for this style of football and really will depend on the players you have available. You could, for example, utilise the new wide centre-back role that we wrote about here or you could build around a more traditional Pep Guardiola 4231 setup.

An inspiration could be this tiki-taka tactic for FM21 created by Olli89.

Analysing tactics with the new FM22 Data Hub
Analysing tactic performance just got a whole lot easier with the new Data Hub in FM22

3. Strikerless

In FM21, Strikerless tactics were the best FM21 tactics and there's no reason to suspect they can't also be the best FM22 tactics but not everyone likes to follow a meta or use tactics that some would regard as "exploits".  When we talk about Strikerless tactics here, we aren't referring to this exploit tactic that enabled anyone with any team to win anything. We're talking about creating something similar to the Strikerless tactic that won Spain the EURO 2012 championship.

For this to succeed, you'll need to make use of either the Shadow Striker role or the Inside Forward role as you will need to replace the threat in behind that would normally be managed by the Striker. Alternatively, if you really want to focus on retaining possession then you could focus on utilising Attacking Fullbacks and encouraging them to cut back the ball when they cross. 

Just like with the Pep Guardiola tactic idea, you'll need to make use of highly technical players with excellent mental attributes.

We hope we have provided some inspiration for your tactical journey in Football Manager 2022. We'd love to hear about what you're planning so feel free to tweet @fmbase